Genomix4Life S.r.l. was founded in 2013, as a spin-off of the University of Salerno, with the aim to develop and validate biomarkers while providing services of functional genomics and bioinformatics to customers. Over the last 3 years of activity more than 200 external users, both from private and public institutions (universities, research institutes, laboratories, companies), have used our services for technical consulting as well as for functional genomics and bioinformatics analyses including zoo-technical, veterinary and agri-food fields. Genomix4Life is one of the 33 innovative start-ups financed by Italian Ministry of Economic Development within the Smart&Start programme. 

  • Dr. Maria Ravo

Genomix4life will contribute to the genomics and genetics analyses to unravel the genetic blueprint of C3-C4 intermediacy in the Heliantheae. It will take care of the nucleic acid manipulation quality controls and DNA sequencing.

Relevant Expertise

Genomix4Life S.r.l. holds a proper equipment portfolio and a research team with a high degree of technical-scientific skills gathered through training and experience in the field, able to fully cover the project needs. The company team has solid and deep-seated know-how, covering all the aspects of functional genomics and genetics, and the skills needed to carry out the project that so far allowed it to successfully manage multiple research projects in genomics. 

Over the years, the company has established important collaborations with different research organizations. This aspect led to the improvement of genomic approaches in a multidisciplinary research environment, thanks to the contribution of biologists and bioinformaticians skilled in genomics,