IN srl

IN SRL is consultancy company founded in 2008 whose mission is innovation management for private and public organizations including fund raising. IN is currently involved in several collaborations with SMEs, universities and research centers. The company model is focused on nurturing an idea from its inception to market exploitation.

IN srl approach to innovation management in EU projects includes support to the management (with the exclusion of coordination tasks), development and implementation of integrated communication, dissemination and exploitation strategy, training. 

  • Laura Martinelli, CEO
  • Dr. Guido Chiarotti
  • Dr. Mirko Busto
  • Dr. Michela Candotti
  • Paulina Piotrowicz
  • Tommaso Portaluri

IN will lead the integrated social, environmental and economic assessment of the project.  IN will coordinate the activities linked to the communication of project results, monitor the dissemination activities performed by the consortium partners, be in charge of the exploitation management, identifying exploitation opportunities and of the standardization management. IN will coordinate the efforts for the development of the G4C roadmap preparation to 2030 as well as the setting up of a collaboration framework with other relevant projects. 

Relevant Expertise

IN has developed a methodology based on patent network analysis to be applied to low TRLs to explore competitors and potential markets at very early stages of development. We work side by side with industrial partners to develop business models and plans at project and partner level.

The company is currently supporting the Exploitation, Communication & Dissemination, as well as the integrated assessment of the following H2020 projects which are relevant for the field of GAIN4CROPS: FutureAgriculture (, eForFuel and SinFonia. Other FPVII projects in which IN has contributed to the Exploitation, Communication & Dissemination activities relevant for GAIN4CROPS are BIOFAT (large demo project DG tren – coordinator), D-FACTORY which are both focused on the development of the biorefinery approach for biofuel production from microalgae and AquaFUELs (Coordination action, energy – coordinator). Exploitation, Comm& Diss under H2020, other H2020 projects in which the company is involved are C3HARME (, CUPIDO (, B2B (

Over the past 6 years, IN has also supported the development of several SMEs from the set-up to the start-up stage within the framework of EU-funded projects.