NRGene Ltd. is an Israeli based company that was founded in 2010 and has established itself as a world leader in developing and providing AI based genomic solutions for commercial companies and academia. NRGene has completed over 150 AI based genomic projects and supported over 20 publication in 1st tier journals such as Nature and Science. NRGene’s services provide solutions for genome assemblies with unparalleled quality even for the most complex genomes, genomic mapping and comparison services, diversity analysis, genotyping, trait mapping, prediction, and other cutting-edge breeding solutions adopted by world’s leading breeding companies. NRGene’s business model is based on a combination of ad-hoc service solutions and long-term molecular breeding projects that utilize NRGene’s GenoMAGIC software for reducing breeder’s time-to-market and increasing success rates. NRGene has subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, and Germany.

  • Dr. Nir Kfir
  • Dr. Kobi Baruch 

NRG will coordinate the sequencing of multiple species and consequently assemble them into a high accuracy comprehensive and contiguous reference sequence. These high-quality assemblies will enable the different scientific tasks in the project such as genome annotation and comparative genomics tasks to be executed by other partners.

Relevant Expertise

NRG is the world’s leading genomics company utilizing the power of cloud computing to deliver astonishing results and deciphering even the most complex genomes. NRG’s DeNovoMAGICTM is a unique assembly tool, in that it is currently the only solution capable of routinely, reliably, quickly, and affordably producing new reference genomes for even the most complex, large, heterozygous and polyploid genomes. Moreover, it is backed by a commercial-grade service provider that is responsible for the project delivery, timeline and quality of the results. To note a few of its accomplishment, NRG has successfully assembled the genome of tetraploid wild emmer wheat and produced the best assembly available (as well as the first) of hexaploid bread wheat for the International Wheat Genome Sequence Consortium (IWGSC) along with a dozen of other wheat assemblies made for the 10+ genome project lead by Prof Curtis Pozniak (University of Saskatchewan- unpublished). NRG also produced an assembly of the large heterozygote Italian ryegrass genome for Prof Bruno Studer of ETH Zurich (unpublished), 6 different tetraploid potato varieties for a consortium led by Dr. Richard Finkers (WUR NED unpublished). Other species worthy of noting are octoploid heterozygote strawberry, hexaploid heterozygote sweet potato, and grapevine for Prof. Sachiko Isobe (Kazusa DNA Research Institute, unpublished) and over 400 other genomes. NRG’s assemblies are of the highest quality and impactful in accelerating genetic research (as reviewed in the publication list).